About the Forum

It is primarily based in Germany and Austria but cooperates closely with similar networks in other countries, particular in Europe. The forum is concerned with promoting the revival and development of macroeconomic approaches which have tended to be eclipsed since the 1970s, especially in Germany, as a result of the dominance of neoclassical, monetarist and supply-side approaches. The Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) aims to be both a platform for discussions about economic theory as well as a forum for economic policy debates: Macroeconomic theory is seen as the basis for policies which aim at high employment, environmentally sustainable growth, price stability, reduced inequality, and the elimination of poverty. In particular, the FMM seeks to promote an exchange between competing theoretical paradigms. Organisationally, the FMM is based at the Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) of the Hans Boeckler Foundation. It is politically independent. The forum’s activities are directed by a coordinating committee. The main activities involve promoting an organised exchange of views between economists through an annual conference, organising publications, and providing support for younger economists. The coordinating committee maintains a web site and a newsletter. The forum is open to anyone who is interested in discussions around the research themes outlined below. As with any network, the FMM is not a membership organisation, but rather an open association of people interested in similar issues.

About the Forum : FMM Fellows

FMM Fellows are distinguished scholars that contribute to the development of the Forum, act as its ambassadors in academics and policy circles and give advice to the coordination group.

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