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: Marc Lavoie

Marc Lavoie is Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa. Lavoie has published close to 200 articles and book chapters in a wide variety of fields, in particular macroeconomics and monetary economics. With Wynne Godley he has written Monetary Economics: An Integrated Approach to Money, Income, Production and Wealth (2007) and with Mario Seccareccia, he has authored the Canadian edition of the Baumol and Blinder first-year textbook (2009). He has recently edited Wage-led Growth: An Equitable Strategy for Economic Recovery (2013, with E. Stockhammer), which deals with the effects of rising income inequality and the drift towards lower wage shares, and In Defense of Post-Keynesian and Heterodox Economics (2013, with F. Lee). His latest work is Post-Keynesian Economics: New Foundations (2014), which is an exhaustive account of post-Keynesian economic analysis.